Have some questions?

About Sarai

I’m a wrestler at heart (and competitively back in high school!), an improviser in person, and an optimist by nature. I love stories and am, therefore, a fan of the Moth, Radiolab, and HiddleBrain, and S-Town. I’ve come to like babies less, since I had two of my own, but a roomful of children automatically makes me smile.

How much do lessons cost?

I charge $45/hour including taxes, be that time spent in a lesson or editing. Editing projects are started only once a project estimate has been approved.

What is your background?

A Bean-Town (Boston) native, I hold an MA (Magna Cum Laude) in English and American Studies from Tel Aviv University, Israel (2018) and a BA (Magna Cum Laude) in English Literature as well as a Certificate in Professional Writing and Technical Communications from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst (2004).

What technology do I need?

You need to be able to use either Skype, Google Hangouts, or Webex. What matters is the screenshare function. You need the most updated version of the software you’re using, so that we don’t lose screen-share function because of compatibility issues.

What if there are connectivity problems?

If after 10 minutes, we still cannot get a good connection, we’ll reschedule.

How are online lessons carried out?

For the GMAT Verbal, there is a course book and for the TOEFL there are pre-prepared documents with the most important points, including templates. We go through these materials together as you view them through the screen share, and then you can review them on your own after the lesson. But just as the teacher in a classroom writes on a whiteboard, I write on a page in Microsoft Word while we discuss concepts in greater depth according to your needs. These notes are then emailed to you, so that you can review them just as you would your notes in a class notebook.